Zoe can be quite talkative, as well as humorous, but knows how to follow orders and respect her superiors.

History Edit

Zoe and Chamuel were openly in a relationship prior to Zoe's Fall. But afterwards they made their love for each other secret, in fear that the other angels would begin to distrust Chamuel.

Plot Edit

Lucifer asks Zoe to infiltrate Titus' base by posing as a follower. She is able to do her job, but it is practically all for nothing due to the fact that it was Raphael who gave Lucifer the location of the base and Raguel who ended up killing Titus. Later on when the building is burning and she is making her escape, she spots Jophiel and begins to panic, and decides to go with the angels willingly rather than create a fight she would most likely lose.

Relationships Edit

Chamuel Edit

Zoe and Chamuel are in a relationship, though it has not yet been explored in the comics.

Trivia Edit

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