"Hey, it's your choice. You either grow some balls or wait for Prince Charming to come save you. I choose to grow a pair. How about you?"
―Zadkiel to Yup about his bullies[src]

Zadkiel, also known by their male alias Zack, is the archangel of mercy and freedom. Before falling, they were Archangel Michael's second-in-command. Wanting to protect Satan from Heaven's wrath during the End of Days, Zadkiel is the ultimately the one that tied him to Natalie McAllister by putting his summoning sigils on a menstrual pad.

Now that she has fallen, Zadkiel's main mission is to unleash Hell on Earth and let its souls run free.


Zadkiel has purple eyes and tanned skin. She has long, light brown hair and scrappy bangs, along with two braids on each side going to the back of her head. She has two slits in her left eyebrow and one slit in her right. She has a lip ring in the center of her bottom lip, where she is often seen wearing a pink colored lipstick. She wears a gold ring on her pinky, middle, and ring fingers on each hand. She has lower back dermal piercings.[1]

When Zadkiel was in Heaven, she wore a purple archangel robe and brown gladiator sandals. She also wore gold eyeliner on the bottom rim of her eyes with vertical lines in the center pointing downward. She wore ear cuffs on the top and bottom of each ear with a chain connecting the two cuffs. As a fallen angel on Earth, Zadkiel's usual fashion of dress is casual and she rarely wears any color besides purple.

Zadkiel's masculine form shares several features with her feminine form, the only differences between the two being their hair lengths, face shapes, and overall body structure. They both have a relatively muscular body and stand at 5'10".


As the archangel of mercy and freedom, Zadkiel is naturally a forgiving and understanding being-- but this does not mean they forget those who have wronged them. Their views on divine judgement and how to bestow mercy on others is skewed, especially concerning those they care about. Threats made against Uriel, Noah Sprits, or theirself are punishable by death or being severely injured, in Zadkiel's eyes. Their almost backwards view on being merciful is seen when they show Yup "mercy" by beating up his bullies, as well as when they decide they should release Hell on Satan after he rejects their request to serve under him.[2]

While Zadkiel's way of dishing out mercy can be unfair or extreme, their compassion shines through several of their actions, most notably when she puts Satan's summoning sigil on a feminine hygiene product to protect him during the End of Days. Her mercy even extends outside of Lucifer at times and she is able to sympathize with women in jeopardy while simultaneously still harboring disgust towards humans. It is also shown that Zadkiel is not completely heartless, having been in a healthy relationship with Uriel before they defected.[3] She also felt hesitant to stab Raphael before she fell, but she felt it was necessary in order to escape the corner she had been backed into.[4]

Despite being merciful, Zadkiel's soul is completely black with a dim purple center around the heart, which is one of the most deteriorated states a soul can be in.[5] Zadkiel disapproves of Heaven’s views on right and wrong and considers its angels to be small-minded. She does not agree with a lot of its teachings, either.[4] Zadkiel wanted to fall alongside Lucifer, but felt it would be bad timing and cause too much panic if they, Archangel Michael's second in command, defected. So they stayed in Heaven and hid their true feelings for millennia. With their freedom to be themselves restricted for so long, it only makes sense for their soul to deteriorate and grow bitter and cold overtime. Zadkiel is also the archangel of freedom, so their time being tied to Heaven and its laws could be a partial reason for their corrupted soul.

Zadkiel is calm and collected most of the time. Having had to hide their true intentions about agreeing with the Fallen's ideals for centuries, they are an expert at masking their feelings. Pax Madan claims that he has never seen Zadkiel surprised, even while he served under them Heaven.[6] Their composed nature is also seen when Titus Alwright flings a spike towards them, only to have them calmly dodge it and continue speaking to him.[7]

Zadkiel also has a prevalent tendency to find chaos and disorder thrilling. They thought binding Satan to Natalie McAllister was hilarious, and found doing the same to Kristi Lange and Archangel Michael just as funny. They also start fights in bars out of sheer boredom and even go so far as to transform into their masculine form in public for a quick rush of adrenaline.[8]


Zadkiel always felt forced into her position as an archangel. Part of Zadkiel felt that God had given her little say in her future, having decided her position for her and ignored her concerns about her role as a leader. Zadkiel was never quite interested in the idea of leadership, nor did she feel like she had the knowledge or experience to properly do her job. It was not until she met Uriel that she gained confidence as a leader.[3] Her squad, which Pax Madan served in, soon became notorious for taking on tough jobs and having a low mortality rate.[9]

Zadkiel was Heaven's second-in-command under Michael. When Lucifer fell, she was secretly excited, but acted shocked to fit in with the other archangels.[10] She considered Lucifer a breath of fresh air because he could be who he wanted to be without hesitation, contrary to Heaven's nature.[4] At one point she wanted to fall with him, but backed out of her plan because it would have caused a huge unnecessary uproar.[11]



Zadkiel stands outside of a feminine hygiene plant. Felix and Anthea Rosenfeld are also outside of the plant, investigating the source of the maxi pad that tied Lucifer to Natalie McAllister. Zadkiel calls the two over from behind and Felix figures that it was Zadkiel who bound Satan and Natalie together. Felix makes it abundantly clear that he disapproves of Zadkiel doing this. She defends her point, saying that she did it to protect Satan from Archangel Michael in the End of Days. She warns Felix to not become a problem for her and dismisses the two demons. Uriel then comes in from behind Zadkiel, asking why she is there.[11]

Zadkiel to satan

Zadkiel revealing the contract between Michael and Kristi

After a car runs over Natalie's gift for Satan, Zadkiel introduces herself as "Zack" in a masculine form and buys her a new shirt. Natalie proceeds to bring Zadkiel home and Satan instantly recognizes her despite her "Zack" disguise. Satan asks Zadkiel why she is there when he specifically told the archangels to stay out of his business, to which Zadkiel replies that she got him a gift. As a peace offering to Satan for binding him to Natalie, Zadkiel reveals that she put Michael's summoning sigils on a maxi pad.[12] Archangel Michael soon shows up at Natalie's door with Kristi Lange to yell at Lucifer. Satan is amused by Zadkiel's gift and he laughs as Michael threatens to snap his neck.[13]

After Michael and Kristi leave, Zadkiel makes no effort to hide her identity or lie about her motives. She addresses "Stan" as Lucifer and calls Natalie naive and embarrassing for not figuring out her identity sooner. Despite Zadkiel verbally jabbing her, Natalie genuinely thanks her for binding her to Satan and finds it funny that she put his summoning sigils on a maxi pad.[14]

Uriel, Zadkiel's partner, suspects that she is the one responsible for binding Michael to a human. He bases his suspicions on seeing her outside of the maxi pad factory with Anthea and Felix,[11] as well as her strange behavior as of late. He interrogates Anthea with Gabriel and she confirms that she did indeed see Zadkiel at the warehouse.[15] Later, Uriel informs Raphael of Zadkiel's antics and encourages him to take a look at her soul with his all-seeing eyes.[16]

Zadkiels soul

Zadkiel's corrupted soul

Following Uriel's request, Raphael calls Zadkiel to a temple and comments that Zadkiel has never made eye contact with him. Zadkiel finally makes eye contact with Raphael, revealing her black and corrupted soul, before stabbing him while he is off guard. While he is on the ground, she reveals that she poisoned him with her blood. Zadkiel's merciful side plays a role when she promises not to elongate Raphael's death and cuts her hand to drip more blood into his stab wound. Zadkiel flees the scene and after about an hour, Uriel finds Raphael with purple veins and bruises scattered all over his body.[5] From then on, Michael keeps Uriel under surveillance to ensure that he was not working with Zadkiel. He informs Uriel that he plans on giving her "treatment ala Lucifer", meaning he will kick her out of Heaven.[17]

Zadkiel examines the cut on her hand, now festering with blue veins from Raphael, before seeing Michael approach her. He tries to punch Zadkiel, but she dodges it, prompting Michael to take out his torch. Zadkiel slashes his left side with one of her hidden knives and tries to lunge at him.[18] Michael kicks her away and knocks her down, causing her to cough up blood. After Michael grabs her by the collar and challenges her, Zadkiel spits blood onto his mouth and stabs herself. She rips the bloody cloth off of her stab wound and presses it onto the slash on Michael's side, poisoning him. She then officially resigns from her position and tosses him the "gaudy" archangel flower from her robe. She leaves Michael with the fact that she made all her decisions alone, clearing Uriel's name.[19]


Zadkiel to satan 2

Zadkiel's reply to Satan's warning

Zadkiel and Satan later meet again through Natalie. Zadkiel confidently tells Satan that there is no need to thank her for leaving Heaven in a disarray, which backfires when Satan knocks her down. Satan threatens her to stop assuming she knows what everyone wants and to stay out of his business, to which Zadkiel angrily agrees. This moment ruins Zadkiel's image of Satan and makes her harbor ill will towards him from now on.[20]

After Ipos Kabakoff dies, Zadkiel lurks into his house and gets ahold of his book, famous among demons for its information and research.[21] A certain page outlining Hell's release piques her interest and she contemplates unleashing Hell on Earth to retaliate against Satan for being cold to her, since it would take away any meaning his life had. She then introduces herself to Natalie in her feminine form.[22] Anthea Rosenfeld sees them talking to each other and she later warns Satan about Zadkiel.[23] As a result, Satan orders Pax Madan to follow Zadkiel and get Ipos' book back.[24] Felix accompanies Pax on his journey to find Zadkiel, since he believes that she killed Anthea and wants to get revenge.[25]

Titus Alwright and Zadkiel later meet in an alleyway. Zadkiel informs Titus that she knows he is a descendant of Cain, thanks to Ipos' book, before bringing up Uriel's recent disappearance. She threatens to beat him or even kill him if she finds out that he is keeping Uriel captive.[7]

Zadkiel and yup

Zadkiel threatening Nicholas and Sarah with Yup

After a local bar kicks Zadkiel out for starting a fight, she encounters Noah Sprits outside. He offers her a place to stay for the night, a spot under an overpass, when he notices that she has been hurt.[8] The two begin to bond and Zadkiel coins the name "Yup" for the boy, since she thinks the name Noah Sprits is ugly. She notices scars on his neck going down to his chest, which are the work of two bullies who abuse him on a regular basis.[26] After Zadkiel threatens and beats the two bullies, Yup begins to cling onto her and refuses to leave her when she tries to drop him off at his spot.[2]

Zadkiel and Yup eat in the woods, some ways off from a cliff. Zadkiel is pleasantly surprised by her ability to provide for a child, but reminds herself that she cannot look after Yup forever and it would be in her best interest to find a more normal, preferably human caretaker that is less involved in the End of Days to keep an eye on him. However, Yup's protests prevent her from saying anything more about the matter. Almost immediately after this, Zadkiel sees a bright light flash in the sky. Believing this to be Uriel's light, she and Yup follow the beam of light until they come across Pax kneeling wounded by the edge of a cliff. While Zadkiel is supposedly distracted by Pax's disguise, Felix attempts to make a surprise attack on her, only to have her quickly counterattack him. She reveals that she knew that this Uriel was not the actual Uriel, thanks to her several years of dating him, and taunts Felix for being too cowardly to attack her from the front.[27]


  • Archangel Uriel - The two were in a romantic relationship before Zadkiel paralyzed Raphael and fell. Zadkiel was initially drawn to Uriel because his bad circumstances made them feel better about their own; His guilt over blinding his soldiers made their problems feel less significant, which is how they overcame their insecurities.[3] Despite Zadkiel leaving Heaven and their communication with Uriel ceasing, they still care about him. This can be seen when they threaten Titus in an alleyway over the possibility of him holding Uriel hostage.[7]
  • Noah "Yup" Sprits - Zadkiel serves as a parental figure for Yup, giving him haircuts and defending him against his bullies. Zadkiel realizes that they underestimated how much he would become attached to them. In this way, they end up with an unwanted tagalong on their journey to unleash Hell on Earth. They nevertheless find solace in each other's company.
  • Lucifer - Zadkiel used to greatly admire Lucifer, beginning as early as when humans were first put on Earth. After Lucifer used the humans to create chaos, Zadkiel began to look up to him for his bravery in expressing his advocacy of free will. However, when Lucifer shows obvious disinterest in Zadkiel's plans, their admiration for him is replaced with disdain, since they thought he would appreciate their faith in him more.
  • Natalie McAllister - Zadkiel pretends to be friends with Natalie to get closer to Lucifer on Earth. Zadkiel strongly dislikes her for her obliviousness and perkiness. They even go as far as to have Natalie's caller ID show up as "Brat" on their phone.[28] Whatever motives they may have for Natalie, they are all ulterior.


Archangel Michael: "I never did understand where you hid all those knives. "
Zadkiel: "I'm sure you'd like to see, but I'm not that kind of lady."
—Zadkiel after stabbing Michael with one of their hidden knives[src]
"Oh well... Nothing lasts forever, I suppose. Especially the beautiful things."
―Zadkiel reflecting on their days in Heaven[src]

Nicholas: "What the fuck is that thing?! A demon?!"
Zadkiel: "'Demon'? Not quite. Some call me the angel of mercy. And tonight I'm going to show some mercy to this little boy. Karma, fellas."
—Zadkiel defending Yup[src]


  • Zadkiel cannot curl their hair. The curls fall out within an hour every time they try to curl it.[29]
  • Before they started dating, Zadkiel kept a painting of Uriel hidden in their bedroom. They would use it to practice asking him out, but they would get too nervous and back out of it.[30]
  • Zadkiel often exercises to clear their mind and "take the edge off" in times of stress.[30]
  • Zadkiel is the last out of the original archangels to be created.[31]