"To be honest, it doesn’t matter much who wins in the end. There’s no such thing as true peace. There’s always a reason for me."
―War to Satan[src]
War, also known by his human pseudonym Bruce Marriott, is the rider of the red horse and the youngest of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.[1] Natalie McAllister and Satan attempt to sway War into siding with them during the End of Days by using Archangel Michael as a bargaining chip.[2]

Appearance Edit

War has slicked-back long red hair that curls upward at his neck, as well as tan skin with a warm undertone. He has sharp, almost cat-like dark red eyes, thin expressive eyebrows, and a thin-lipped smile. He also has silver industrial piercings on each ear. War stands at 5'6" and he appears to be at a healthy weight.

War wears traditional, business appropriate attire. His outfits always incorporate several shades of red, suggesting that blood is to be spilled and thus fitting his true identity.

Personality Edit

Corrupt and egocentric, War likes anything that benefits him and is drawn to anyone who can make a better offer. He follows his own interests and inclinations regardless of others. He roots for neither Heaven nor Hell, though he can be easily bribed to lean a certain way. War, unlike Pestilence and Famine, enjoys his job for the sake of loving chaos.

War is cunning, arrogant and condescending. He believes that his time is precious, and people who do not earn it are unworthy of it. This can be seen when Natalie tries to talk to him in a bar and he in turn tells her that she has to 'earn his interest'.[3]

Plot Edit

Wanting to get a Horseman of the Apocalypse on his side for the End of Days, Satan goes to Aadinath's shop for information regarding Ipos Kabakoff's whereabouts.[4] Satan proceeds to Thirsties, where he and Ipos decide that War is the most likely Horseman to side with him.[5]

Satan, Natalie McAllister, Festus Totah, and Anthea Rosenfeld soon arrive in Oregon. Wanting to seduce War, Natalie begins to flirt with him in the hotel bar. However, he says that she bores him and challenges her to offer something he cannot refuse to earn his interest. In turn, she offers him an archangel, much to the group's confusion as they eavesdrop on their conversation.[3]

Satan and Natalie later capture Michael and give him to War on the condition that he cannot hurt him.[6][2] War later takes Michael to a small hideout in the woods and ties him to a cross. He also uses Michael's blood to draw symbols on the outside and keep him incarcerated.[7]

When Natalie asks for Michael back, War refuses, since she is not offering anything in exchange. Knowing that War is afraid of Hell and its souls, Satan paints his arms to make it seem like his seals are dripping and Hell is beginning to take over his body. He appears behind Natalie, much to War's disdain, and War begs him not to let Hell out in the tiny room they are in. They leave War with no choice but to go along with Natalie's request and give them Michael's location.[8]

An image of War appears on the front page of a newspaper under the headline "Mysterious Death of Governor's Aid". It is to be assumed that War faked his death, since he cannot die like humans can, and ran off to start a new life under a different name so he would not be as easily found.[9]

Relationships Edit

  • Death - War and Death are extremely similar in that they both love their chaotic jobs and root for neither Heaven nor Hell for the End of Days. They are on excellent terms with each other, because death comes with war, and with death, war is not far behind.[1]

Quotes Edit

"By the seventh day, God had finished his work and said it was good. On the seventh day, He rested." Well, I'm not one for using my vacation days so quickly. And on the eighth day, your brother threw you under the bus to rig the Apocalypse, and it was very, very good. Hi. How ya doin'? Comfortable in there?"
―War to Michael before capturing him[src]
Spoken about War
"This guy is all about a challenge, but he has too many vices to count."
Satan before meeting with War[src]
Natalie McAllister: "Ok, so there's where the news said he'd be all week. What's the plan?"
Satan: "You mean you don't have a plan?"
Natalie McAllister: "I thought you did... Um. Alright, how about we go in there and pretend to beat him up?"
Satan: "He's War. He'd probably get off on that or something."
Satan and Natalie planning how they will approach War[src]

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