Through the various livestreams and interactions amongst fans, the Satan and Me fandom has a few common words and phrases that new fans might want to know.

Ship NamesEdit

  • Bloody Hell or Natan - Satan / Nat
  • Sweet Heavens / Strawberry Lemonade/(Angel!)Michaelie- Michael(A) / Nat
  • (Human!/Friend!)Michaelie- Michael(H) / Nat
  • Holy Hell - Satan / Michael(A)
  • Ditto - Dad / Satan
  • Satchel - Satan / Michael(H)
  • False Halo - Lamp / Satan
  • M&Ms - Michael (A) / Michael (H)
  • Holy Water - Michael (A) / Kristi
  • Lailix - Laila / Felix
  • Ganthea - Gabriel / Anthea
  • Glazed Buns / Graph / Honey Bear - Gabriel / Raphael
  • Lailalie - Laila / Natalie
  • Salix - Satan / Felix
  • Fedex / Fax - Pax / Felix
  • Gabrifer - Gabriel / Lucifer
  • Raphriel - Raphael / Uriel
  • Natkiel/Bloody Thumb - Natalie / Zadkiel
  • Sheipos - Sheila / Ipos
  • Zadriel/Black Light - Zadkiel / Uriel
  • Paxalie - Pax / Natalie
  • Staples / Brocifer and Bropos - Satan / Ipos
  • Wax - War / Max
  • Felony - Felix / Natalie
  • Freckled Lemonade - Max / Michael (A)
  • Orange Juice - Kristi/Natalie
  • Raguraph / Raphragu / Psychohealer - Raphael / Raguel
  • Healing Blacklight / Zaphriel - Zadkiel / Uriel / Raphael

Keep in mind that some of these ship names can alter with time and some aren't as commonly used as others. The order of the names also have nothing to do with dominance within the relationship. There are also many ships within the comic and names that haven't been created for the ship


  • Lucy is an abbreviation of "Lucifer" and is used to refer to Satan
  • Fat House Cat a nickname given to Satan due to the fact that he typically sits around the house all day on either the couch or bean bag watching television or reading
  • Sack of Potatoes / Potato refers to Natalie after Satan compared her to being "As sexy as a sack of potatoes"
  • Shopkeep / Foras both names are interchangeable for the character that runs the shop which Natalie and Satan visit

Memes/Fandom Jokes Edit

Typos and Spelling Errors Edit

  • Mog is the spelling error for "omg" or for Mori, a user in the streams.
  • Typod is an obvious error spelling the word "typos."
  • Goos is an error in spelling "good."
  • Titans Warning is a mistake writing "tornado warning," for whatever reason.
  • Oewgom is a mistake spelling "Oregon."
  • Figt a typo commonly used for "fight"
  • Thight another typo for "thighs," but it has been used as a joke to mean "thigh fight."
  • Mailbox happens to be an autocorrect error which Ayumi typed instead of "Lailix"
  • Jabriel - typo of "Gabriel"
  • Joshiel - typo of "Jophiel"
  • Anthrax - purposeful 'typo' by a user
  • Obe of Us - typo of "One of Us"
  • Prange / Orpe - typoed names of the creator of the comic Orange
  • Hot Dong Man - typo of "Hot Dog Man" which is what describes the character Jericho
  • Moro / Miro / Mogi - typo of Mori, a tumblr user and popular fanartist
  • Raohel - typo of "Raphael"
  • Sheola - typo of "Sheila"
  • Load - typo of "loaf" as in bread loaf
  • Sleep is for the wesk - Typo of "sleep is for the weak"
  • Merct / Have merct - typo of "mercy"
  • Dora's / Floras meant to be the character "Foras"
  • Crot a typo of the name "Crit", a tumblr user and popular fanartist


  • Bears due to a comic that Orange posted of the archangel Raphael drawing himself fighting a bear, anything with bears is typically associated with Raphael
  • Comparing the demons to cats it is easy to tell that Felix and Satan are typically compared to cats due to their behaviors with others
  • Eye Puns considering Satan's true form is covered in an innumberable amount of eyes, most of the fandom has resulted to saying eye puns when they are shown in a stream
  • Queen of Typo Hell a nickname given to the tumblr user Skele, whom is known for her typos in streams. It is important to note that most of the typos are made by Skele, especially when she threatens to fight others
  • Child Rhymes / Songs at several points in streams the fandom has used rhymes such as "Roses are red, Violets are blue" along with the song "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to then add a joke at the end. Most of them involving the archangels.
  • One of Us after a comic was posted involving Laila and Felix chanting it towards Kristi, it is common for stream watchers to chant it towards anything. Mostly newbies.
  • Transmutation Jokes these have been made after the fact that Archangel Chamuel lost part of her arm after the bar fight with Ipos and Sheila. Usually the goal of the transmutation is to raise Laila's brother back from the dead. Most of the jokes are made by Grunkle Matt in streams

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