"To be honest, the idea of fighting you is more appealing. You should leave, Lucifer, while I still have sense of mind to heed Michael's orders to leave you alone."
―Raguel to Satan[src]
Archangel Raguel is a fairly new angel, created 55 years ago as opposed to the rest of his siblings who have been around since the creation of the universe.[1] He began serving as Archangel Michael's new second-in-command after Zadkiel defected.

Appearance Edit

Raguel is a bit taller than most characters in the comic, standing in at 5'11. He is slender and not visibly muscular, despite his preferred weapon being a gigantic lance. He is brown-skinned and has a youthful, smooth face. He has round, wide eyes with irises that are ringed with a bright teal and a dark navy. His gray hair is thick and side-swept to the back, where it fades into an undercut. His nose is petite and his eyebrows are thin.

Raguel's attire is very formal, and the design of his armor looks like that of a Roman centurion's, especially his helmet. His undershirts are normally aquamarine, black, or white.

Additionally, Raguel has six piercings: two cuffs and one stud on each ear, both on the helices. He has one gold ring on each finger, including his thumbs. His angelic eyeliner curves around his eyes and juts out at the outer edges of his upper and lower lids.

Raguel also dons a mysterious set of seals on his body that mimic that of Satan's. There are a few distinct differences between the two sets of seals. One is that is that Satan's are red while Raguel's are blue, and the other is that Raguel's shoulder seals are simply circles, and do not have the "hooks" on them that Satan has.

Personality Edit

Raguel is as childish as he is ambitious. He is not content with being "second best", and considers that title to be an insult to his potential and his capabilities. He strives to eventually surpass his superior Archangel Michael in status and power. While he outwardly acts obedient to his higher-ups, Raguel secretly wishes to take on tasks that are larger than what he is permitted. It takes a lot of self-restraint for Raguel to back down after he has set his mind on something.

Raguel has extremely poor social skills and has openly admitted to Raphael that he finds killing people easier than talking to them. He has no friends and does not plan on making any, claiming that the concept of friendship is "too complicated" for him.[2] He has minimal moral principles and a very basic understanding of what is socially considered right and wrong.

When concerning Heaven, Raguel's actions are well-intended. He fights genuinely for God and what he perceives to be "good". However, Raguel's views on what is "good" and what is "evil" are dangerously black and white. He categorizes people and things at their face-value: if you are aligned with Heaven, you are good. If you are aligned with Hell, you are bad. His lack of social skills and overall unwillingness to get to know people makes it so he cannot see that there can be bad angels and good demons. Because of this, Raguel can be terribly misguided and potentially hurt the wrong people.

History Edit

Raguel was created on April 2, 1960, presenting a stark contrast to the rest of the archangels, who were created at the dawn of time.[1] He was created specifically to be a replacement angel if one of the archangels were to die, or in Zadkiel's case, fall from Heaven.

Before Raguel was created, the Higher Ups asked God to make an angel as a "test run". They wanted this angel to obey orders without question, have very little interest outside of their job, and ultimately be emotionless. God reluctantly agreed to this request and created Raguel shortly after.[3]

Plot Edit


Raguel introducing himself to Satan

Raguel starts tailing Titus after catching wind of there potentially being a "New Satan" on Earth. Archangel Michael later orders him to eliminate this "New Satan" when an opportunity presented itself. The opportunity later rises in a clearing in the woods where Titus and Satan are dueling.

Raguel waits in the woods a few paces behind Natalie McAllister, and when Satan stops fighting to tell Titus that he will not let him win, Raguel leaps out of the brush and drives his lance through Titus' chest. He introduces himself to Satan briefly, telling him of his assignment to kill Titus and that he is Zadkiel's replacement. He also warns Satan that if he does not leave with Natalie now, he will try and fight him, despite Michael's specific orders not to. Titus encourages Satan to get Natalie and leave, which Satan ultimately does, much to Natalie's dismay.[4] Raguel finishes off Titus sometime after Satan and Natalie leave, and upon looking at Titus's mangled body, Raguel nonchalantly comments that he may have "overdone it".[5]

After returning to Heaven to tell Michael that he has completed his mission, Raguel presents Titus' bloody, severed upper half to Michael while wearing Titus' visor on his head. His superior is visibly disgusted and concerned by Raguel's lack of morals or respect for the dead, and calls Raguel out on his behavior. Raguel is distraught and confused by Michael's reaction, and does not seem to understand what was inappropriate about what he had done. He promises to Michael that he will never present a body to him like this ever again.[6]


Raguel asking Raphael about Titus' visor

Raguel is later found holding Titus's visor on some stairs, mulling over why his successful mission was so badly received. He asks Raphael, who happens to be walking by, why it was bad to wear Titus' visor after killing him. Raphael replies that it might look like he was trying to boast, but Raguel insists that he was not. Raphael does not have a clear answer for him after that, and simply says that it is something that he should just not do. Raguel then comments that he is not good with talking to people. Raphael instantly picks up on this since he is also socially awkward, and outright ignores Raguel's follow-up sentence where he says that killing them is easier. Raphael offers to be friends with Raguel, but Raguel shoots him down and says that he does not want any friends because it sounds "too complicated". Raphael ends the conversation after that, and Raguel goes off to try and ask someone else about his moral predicament.[2]

Relationships Edit

  • Archangel Michael - While Raguel obeys Michael, there are signs that he does not entirely agree with Michael's decisions or style of leading. Though Raguel respects Michael, he may not like him at all.
  • Satan - Raguel sees Satan as the "true enemy", as he is considered to be the Dark Lord and is Hell's vessel. He wants nothing more than to see Satan killed or subdued, and has subtly hinted at wanting to do this himself.[4]

Trivia Edit

  • Raguel is the youngest archangel at 55 years old.[7]
  • Raguel has an extremely low pain tolerance.[7]
  • Despite being terrible at interacting with humans and angels, Raguel is good with animals.[8]

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