Raguel is Zadkiel's replacement, despite being a fairly new angel.

Personality Edit

From what has been seen of him, Raguel is very sadistic as well as ambitious. When Raguel was supposed to dispose of Titus he ended up ripping the man in half, and wore his visor like it was something to be deeply proud of. Also, when speaking with Satan he hinted at the fact that he does not wholly agree with Michael and his orders. Part of the reason Raguel is the way he is stems from the fact that he is a fairly new angel, and may not fully understand right from wrong. Maybe he should have been socialized and more immersed in how angels are supposed to act before, you know, making him second in command. He also does not comprehend why people like Michael dislike him and look down upon his actions.

History Edit

Not much is currently known about Raguel. All that is known of him is that he's Zadkiel's replacement.

Plot Edit

Raguel waited in the woods around the area where Titus and Lucifer were fighting. Raguel waited for the perfect opportunity to strike, and then drove his spear through Titus's chest. He then explained himself to Lucifer and he decided to let Raguel finish off Titus, much to Natalie’s dismay. He ended up tearing Titus in half. If you'd like the perfect example of overkill, the way Raguel mauled Titus is what you're looking for.

When he returned to Heaven trailing Titus' remains around, Michael was visibly disgusted with him. Raguel honestly did not understand what was inappropriate about his behavior. Interesting. Recently, he was found holding Titus's visor on some stairs, still unsure as to why his actions were received with disgust. He was speaking to Raphael about the matter, and the conversation ended when he rejected an offer of friendship from Raph and seemingly brushed off the encounter.

Relationships Edit

Michael Edit

Raguel has hinted at the fact that he does not entirely agree or like Michael, while Michael outwardly shows annoyance towards him.

Trivia Edit

  • He is only about 55 in human years.
  • He has this quirk where every time he lunges or jumps he has to say "HUP!"
  • His birthday is April 2nd.[1]

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