Pax is a demon which Natalie encounters in Thirsties whom she fights. He also tries to flirt with her afterwards.

Personality Edit

He has a very flirty personality and loves to fight in the arena kept at the back of Thirsties

History Edit

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Satan Edit

Pax is loyal to Lucifer and his cause, but at times can disrespect him. It is also apparent that Pax is afraid of him, since when he unknowingly told his leader a sexual joke he became visibly alarmed and was quick to apologize. Satan mostly just sees him as a nuisance, but trusts him enough to get tasks done.

Natalie Edit

Pax and Natalie's interactions have been brief, but it is very obvious that Pax finds Natalie attractive. He even hinted at having sex with her in one scene, and Natalie easily brushed him off.

Ipos Edit

It can be assumed that Pax and Ipos knew each other well.

Felix Edit

Pax and Felix have known each other a long time, and while Pax likes Felix the feeling is not mutual. There is some unexplained tension between them.

Trivia Edit

  • He is aromantic
  • Addicted to cigarettes

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