"That line between "funny" and "fucked up" just got blurred, didn't it? Ahah..."
―Pax to Felix[src]
Pax Madan is a Fallen that serves Satan and frequents Thirsties, a bar run by Ipos Kabakoff.

Appearance Edit

Pax stands in at 5'3", making him one of the shorter characters in the comic. While he is built thinly, he is all lean muscle. He has brown skin and a smooth, youthful face. His hair is black, choppy, and streaked with white. He has a small nose and thin brows balanced out by wide eyes that are a bright teal. His ears are pierced with two golden chain links. Additionally, he has an Apadravya piercing.[1]

Pax dresses casually, often in sweats or loose, plain clothing. He wears sneakers and gym shorts occasionally, usually when he fights at Thirsties.

Pax's horns in his demon form are thin and wavy, and they glow a deep purple.

Personality Edit

Pax is very flirtatious and has no qualms with flaunting his sexuality. He is very much a sadomasochist and the thrill of a fight never ceases to excite him. He is cocky, upfront, and always speaks his mind, no matter how crude the thoughts may be. He is easily bored by and cannot stand waiting around or doing nothing for extended periods of time.

Pax always "goes with the flow" and takes life as it comes to him. He lives in the now and does not pay a lot of attention to things that do not directly concern him, including the Apocalypse. He also has a bad habit of not taking dire situations seriously. For this reason he tends to be very misinformed and insensitive, leading him to make poor social decisions.

Despite his flaws, Pax does seem to know his place around his superiors and knows how to follow orders when told to.

History Edit


Pax as an angel during the Fall

Not much is known about Pax during his time in Heaven other than that he was a low-rank angel under Zadkiel's command, and that he decided to fall with Lucifer.

Information on Pax's time on Earth is equally as limited, however it has been inferred in a conversation between him and Felix that he did participate in the American Civil War under the guise of a Union soldier.

Plot Edit


Pax upon seeing Natalie as his opponent

After Natalie McAllister is taken to the back of Thirsties on the grounds of "business", she is brought into the middle of a fighting ring and Pax is introduced as her opponent. Pax laughs and is visibly excited to see Natalie as his competitor. He asks how management was able to get a human on the roster and assumes they rigged the match for him, much to his delight. When Natalie tries forfeiting and backing down, Pax knocks her down anyway. He continues to kick her around for another minute or two before Ipos Kabakoff calls the match off, per Satan's request. Pax tries hitting on Natalie afterwards, but she dismisses him immediately by telling him that she only gets involved with guys who kick her "under three times in one day".[2]

Pax is seen sometime later at Thirsties delivering Ipos his mail, already knowing the contents of the message because he opened the letter beforehand. Pax comments about how boring Thirsties is after hours when all the fighting is done and leaves when Ipos repeatedly tells him to. Little does Pax know that he left just in time, right before the archangels Uriel and Chamuel came to give Ipos and Sheila death sentences for directly assisting Satan during the End of Days. Pax is later shown watching the news, shocked to see that the bar he was in only a few hours ago has been obliterated.[3]


Pax informing Satan about Ipos' book

Sometime after the explosion at Thirsties, Pax seeks out Satan to tell him about Ipos' apartment being ransacked after he died. At the karaoke bar Satan is at with Natalie and Michael Panagakos, Satan spots someone suspicious watching Natalie and follows him outside to an alleyway to confront him. As Satan corners him, Pax quickly reveals himself and affirms his allegiance to Satan's cause. He notifies Satan of the disappearance of Ipos' book and Pax offers to retrieve it for him. Satan shoots his offer down by telling Pax that he has neither a plan nor a lead on the perpetrators that stole the book, however it is ultimately decided between the two that Pax will be the one to find Ipos' book. Natalie interrupts their conversation, ushering Satan back inside because she wanted one "drama free" night with him. Pax stays outside to smoke and comically muses about how much of a hassle contracts are.[4]


Pax leaving to find Felix

Pax tracks down Zadkiel as the culprit of Ipos' book and waits outside of the diner she is in to confront her. Pax is bored of having to wait around for Zadkiel and craves action. The payphone next to him rings and he picks it up, brazenly telling the person on the other line to either talk dirty to him or get off the phone. It turns out the caller is Satan and Pax quickly retracts his statement as a joke and asks what is needed of him. Satan tells Pax that Felix has gone haywire after the death of Anthea Rosenfeld and he needs Pax to reel him in. Pax obliges and hangs up, putting his mission to retrieve Ipos' book on hold for another time.[5]

Under the guise of Anthea, Pax approaches Felix, who is sitting alone on a bench. He tells Felix that he has been looking everywhere for him and asks if he is ready to go home.[6] Pax is confused by Felix's initial shocked reaction to seeing Anthea, and is then shocked himself when Felix exclaims that she should not be alive because Zadkiel killed her weeks ago. Pax, ashamed and pushed into an awkward corner, shape shifts back to his human form and apologizes to Felix, as he was unaware Anthea had died. Felix asks who he is and Pax is surprised Felix does not remember him. Pax claims they were best friends centuries ago and that they used to "mess shit up together in the 1800s." Felix cooly replies that he does remember him, and when Pax figures everything between them is all right, Felix uppercuts him.[7]


Pax questioning Felix

Felix warns Pax that he has some nerve talking to him, and reminds Pax just how much he hates him. After exchanging a few words, Felix deems him "just as obnoxious as ever", but Pax simply brushes the insult off. As Felix attempts to leave, Pax catches his attention by mentioning that he is doing an important task for Satan concerning Zadkiel. Believing that Zadkiel is Anthea's killer, Felix agrees to help Pax tail Zadkiel, and the two set off to track her down.[8]

The two begin to discuss how they will fight Zadkiel and Felix suggests they sneak up on her and catch her while she is off guard. Pax doubts the idea, saying that he has never seen her surprised, even when he was in her troop in Heaven. Felix thinks of a new idea that he considers to be a taste of Zadkiel's own medicine: Pax will disguise himself as Uriel, pretend to be dead in front of Zadkiel, and Felix will "finish the job" while she is distracted.[9]

The facade plays out as follows: Zadkiel catches sight of a radiant beam of Heaven's Light one night as they sit alone with their new companion, Yup (also known as Noah Sprits), who they have fed dinner for the night. Upon seeing this familiar light, Zadkiel is immediately struck with the realization of the possible presence of Uriel being in the area, and so they gain pursuit with Yup in tow. They encounter Uriel, bleeding and wounded from what appears to be a scuffle, who then asks what Zadkiel is doing there. They respond with the truthful answer, "I saw your light through the trees," before questioning his physical state, to which he answers, stating that he's been rather "unluck(ily)" tasked with the measure of dealing with the New Satan's (see Titus Alwright) subordinates. Once Felix launches an ambush from behind, Zadkiel then sends him hurtling with a painful blow to the crotch, then regarding the shapeshifter with disgust as they state how they've known Uriel for "most of (their) life," therefore striking the façade down.

There he goes

Pax using his aura energy to gain an advantage against Zadkiel

Upon this revelation, Pax returns to his normal state, referring to his former general rather personally, to which Zadkiel regards him with no memory of who he is. Pax's confidence is thusly bruised by this put-down, trying to prove his identity with Zadkiel shooting him down, merely claiming that, despite it is supposedly unintentional, they only remember "important people," insulting his decoy thereafter. Pax insists that his objective was proved and that his decoy was a success, though Zadkiel insists otherwise that he had failed to injure them, with Pax stating rather cheerfully that injuring Zadkiel wasn't his goal: distracting them from their book (otherwise known as Ipos' book) and letting Felix get away with the theft. As Zadkiel catches up with Felix and attempts a lethal stab, Pax instead takes the blow for Felix, leaving them on the floor. From there, strife ensues, ending up with many lacerations, Pax using an aura expulsion in order to gain some sort of upper hand on Zadkiel, and Felix figuring out a way to save Pax from his reckless moves and Zadkiel's merciless wrath. Felix manages to find an answer in Ipos' book, telling Pax to back off and telling him to "stop fighting and let me handle it," thus beginning the process of angelic possession.

Relationships Edit

  • Felix Totah - In the past, Pax and Felix were on very good terms, most likely best friends. Pax once called Felix his "go-to guy" for fun and a little mayhem.[8] However the bond between the two has dissipated over the years, presumably over Pax shooting Felix during the Civil War. They have not spoken or seen each other for over two centuries, and Felix did not even recognize Pax until he said who he was. While Pax still likes Felix, the feeling is not mutual. Despite this, they do come to bond over a mutual interest in taking something from Zadkiel.
  • Ipos Kabakoff - Pax frequents Ipos' bar often. Despite not knowing him long, Pax has unwavering loyalty to Ipos because he considers him family. Ipos, like Satan, finds Pax to be a nuisance and can only tolerate him for so long.
  • Satan - Pax is loyal to Satan and his cause. Sometimes Pax finds himself assuming roles and interfering with things that he should not, and his leader is quick to put him in his place. Satan mostly sees Pax as a nuisance, but trusts him enough to get tasks done.
  • Natalie McAllister - Natalie is indifferent towards Pax and dismisses all of his advances towards her with ease. Pax is impressed by both the shape of her legs and how many times she was able to get up after he pummeled her in the ring at Thirsties. Despite Natalie showing zero interest in Pax, he still likes to try.
  • Zadkiel - In Heaven, Pax was under Zadkiel's command, in a troop well-known for taking on tough jobs and having a low-mortality rate. The two have not spoken since before the Fall. While there has been no interaction between the two in the comic, it is worth noting that the two both find chaos and a good fight thrilling.

Quotes Edit

Pax Madan: "Yo, Chief! You got a message from your source up north."
Ipos Kabakoff: "You're not supposed to go through my mail, you shit."
Pax Madan: "I didn't!"
Ipos Kabakoff: "Are you crossing your fingers in there?"
Pax Madan: "Damn, dude. No trust. And yeah, so what? I took a peek. It wasn't even a peek. It was a peeklette."
—Pax delivering Ipos Kabakoff his mail[src]
"You've reached the Pleasure Palace. If you can't talk dirty, get off the phone."
―Pax unknowingly talking to Satan over a payphone[src]
Pax Madan: "Hahaha why don't we go in naked? Nothing's more surprising than abrupt nudity."
Festus Totah: "Wwwhy do you continue to talk?"
—Pax and Festus Totah discussing how to surprise Zadkiel[src]
Pax Madan: "Hey, is there something on my back? It feels like there's something on my back."
Festus Totah: "Jesus Christ. Uh, yeah. You got stabbed!"
Pax Madan: "No kidding? I knew this felt familiar."
—Pax to Festus Totah after taking a knife to the back for him[src]

Trivia Edit

  • Pax is aromantic.[10]
  • Pax shot Felix once during the Civil War when they were still friends.[8]
  • Pax can lick his elbow. He shows it off on many occasions, often followed by winking or suggestive eyebrow wiggling if ladies are around.[11]
  • Pax's last name "Madan" derives from the Sanskrit 'madana', meaning 'God of Love'.[12]

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