This article is about God's right-hand man and Heaven's commander. For Natalie McAllister's human friend of the same name, see Michael Panagakos.

Archangel Michael is considered to be Satan's closest brother thus far. Michael A is slightly taller than Michael H, but other than that their looks are borderline identical. He has tanned caucasian skin and bright cyan eyes with dirty blone hair. Satan's dislike of his brother may have started when Michael kicked Satan out of Heaven on God's behalf without displaying any signs of sympathy.


Not much has been seen of Michael yet, but it seems that he has a very happy and carefree personality. Even he is the servant of God and has to spread goodwill and value in the world, he had no problem kicking his own brother out. This action was done with a great lack of sympathy and shows how loyal Michael is to his Father's word. He may be a tad bit on the gullible side, as can be guessed from doodles by Orangeplum.

More recently, Michael has been shown to be extremely flamboyant and bossy, with the same dramatic flare as Lucifer, and often glosses over the Fall when talking to/about Lucifer. However, he's also willing to put his brother "down like a rabid dog", so there's that. He's got very little patience when he's not in top form, and pouts even more than Lucifer does. He also tends to run his brother Gabriel ragged, and is most likely the root of poor Gabe's caffeine addiction, in more ways than one. He tends to not see when he's hurting other people- or if he does, he ignores it. Michael can actually get shit done when he loses his temper, but generally he hates doing his own work, and tends to pawn a lot of it off on Gabe.


Though we have good representation of their relationship from Satan's side, little is known how Michael feels. It's safe to say that Michael doesn't harbour any negative feelings about it because he may believe that his Father has a plan to pull the family back together, although that is just an assumption. We don't yet know if the comic's Michael destroyed Satan's underling army like the Biblical Michael did. It's safe to say that he's most similar to his "favorite" brother, even if the two of them currently despise each other. However, according to Orangeplum, their relationship is still salvageable.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael is more often drawn in chibi form that realistic.
  • He hasn't made an appereance in the comic during the time the comic is set in yet.