This article is about God's right-hand man and Heaven's commander. For Natalie McAllister's human friend of the same name, see Michael Panagakos.

Michael saving Natalie

Archangel Michael is considered to be Satan's closest brother thus far. Michael A is slightly taller than Michael H, but other than that their looks are borderline identical. He has tanned caucasian skin and bright cyan eyes with dirty blone hair. Satan's dislike of his brother may have started when Michael kicked Satan out of Heaven on God's behalf without displaying any signs of sympathy.


Michael has a dark blonde hair and blue eyes. His face, hair and body are practically identical to his human counterpart, except for the colours of the skin, eyes and hair being slightly different. Like the other angels, he has gold eyeliner in his angel form. He also has two gold piercings in his earlobes and two gold bracelets in his wrists. His height is 5'7", being slightly taller than his human counterpart. He is known for having big eyebrows.


He has a very happy and carefree personality. Despite his title as Heaven's commander, he is shown to be very lighthearted and affectionate unless angered for any reason. Even though he loves his brother, he ended up kicking him out of heaven due to his father's orders. This action shows how loyal Michael is to his Father's word. He may be a tad bit on the gullible side and self-absorbed.

He cares for the humans and thinks every human life is precious, although he isn't very excited about becoming one.


Michael and Satan were best friends before the Fall, even though they still used to fight. We know Satan despises his brother, probably for kicking him out of heaven following God's orders, but Michael still cares about Satan, worrying about him, fearing for their final fight and even crying when he realized he could never come back to heaven. Even though he is destined to fight/defeat Lucifer, he still cares about him the most and does not want to fight him.

Trivia Edit

  • Michael loves to sing/hum. He does it so often under his breath, it drives people insane.[1]
  • Is very ticklish on the bottom of his feet.[2]
  • He had a girlfriend before she fell.[3]
  • He is very jealous of the relationship between Natalie and Lucifer.[3]
  • He was the second archangel to be created by God.[4]
  • His favourite colour is red[5]

References Edit

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