Maximilian "Max" James McAllister is Alex and Carla McAllister's twenty-two year-old son and Natalie's half brother. Max is often away at college in Washington, making his presence a rarity in the McAllister household, but he and Natalie occasionally video chat. He knows about Natalie's relationship with Satan, but nothing about their contract. Max believes Satan to be “Stan,” a freshman Natalie tutors.

Appearance Edit

Max is of below average height, standing in at 5'8", with a slender build. He has short, red hair with bangs similar to Natalie's, as well as freckles and bright green eyes. Max's eyebrows slightly resemble Alex's, though they are not related.

Max's attire typically consists of red sweatshirts and casual looking t-shirts.

Personality Edit

From what has been seen of Max, he is blunt and sarcastic. He has no qualms with saying what is on his mind the moment he thinks it, especially when irritated. Max's defensiveness is on par with his abrasiveness, and neither trait leaves behind the other when he is angered.

His temperament shines through most prominently in his disagreements with Natalie and his altercations with Satan.

Despite his rough childhood, Max holds familial bonds in very high regard. He is extremely protective of the ones he loves, especially his younger half-sister Natalie. It can be implied through his argument with Satan over being an 'absentee sibling' that he harbors guilt for isolating himself from his sister after their mother died.[1] Max is trying his best to compensate for his previous isolation by being there for Natalie as much as he can now, or at least as much as he can while he is away in college.

History Edit

Max's biological father, a young father, left Carla when Max was a toddler. When Carla married Alex McAllister, Max was legally adopted and had his last name changed, per Carla's request.[2] Initially, Max disliked Alex because he was not his birth father, but they have grown to be fairly close over the years.[3] After Carla died, Max isolated himself in his room and refused to acknowledge Alex as a father.[4]

Plot Edit

While visiting home, Max sees Satan, disguised as "Stan," sitting on a couch next to Natalie. Max immediately does not like Satan and asks Natalie who he is, to which she replies that he is the one who pushed her off of a roof.[5] Not even bothering to ask whether it was an accident or not, he begins to question Natalie as Satan stares him down. Satan interrupts the interrogation and tells Max that he has little control over who Natalie is friends with, given that he is an 'absentee sibling.' Max begins to bark at Satan and Satan smugly challenges Max to hit him. It is during this time that Alex walks in and informs the three that dinner is ready. Later, Satan admits that he appreciates Max's type of abrasiveness in humans despite arguing with him earlier.[1]

Max soon returns to college. Natalie video chats with him after a brief nap, unaware of the Satanic symbols drawn all over her face, courtesy of Satan. Max interprets this as a warning sign that Natalie is not mentally healthy. He tells her that she should have told him sooner and advises her to go to their pastor. Satan is then shown in his "Stan" form with his hands behind his head, smiling as Natalie notices the scribblings on her face and yells at him from the other room.[6]

At a later date, Natalie video chats with Max again. This time, however, she is accompanied by Satan in his "Stan" form, much to Max's disdain. Natalie, secretly wanting to go to Oregon to visit War, asks Max for a favor: She wants Max to lie to Alex and tell him that she is visiting him in college while she actually goes to Oregon with "Stan." Max cuts her off mid-proposal and immediately declines her request on the grounds that she would be going without a driver's license. Max then turns his attention to Satan and begins to nag at him. Satan interrupts his rant and tells him that his mother was recently in an accident and Natalie wanted to come to support him emotionally. Though it bothers Natalie that Satan would lie to Max, the excuse works and Max lets them go on two conditions: They will call him every night they are in Oregon and they have to actually visit him at least once.[7]

Two weeks after Natalie returns to California, Max video chats with her. He yells at her for violating his conditions and not visiting him, to which she apologizes. The two bicker for a bit before Max asks Natalie how he is supposed to know what went on in Oregon. Natalie tells him the truth, that she "encountered the Devil and fought off Hell." Max interprets this as a joke and leaves the call, not wanting to talk to Natalie if she is not serious.[8]

Relationships Edit

  • Natalie McAllister - Max has a friendly relationship with his sister despite there being a five year age gap between them. Max's gravitas is highly compatible with Natalie's cheer and optimism. Max serves as a bodyguard of sorts for Natalie, believing his obligation to be to protect her, and has been ever since Carla passed away.
  • Alex McAllister - When Carla first married Alex, Max disliked him. He saw Alex as a man who did not care about him and was only trying to replace his birth father.[3] However after Carla died,[4] Alex eventually proved to Max that he cared after all. Max saw his efforts in trying to keep the McAllister family together by attempting to be two parents in one and ultimately respected him for this.
  • Satan - First impressions often set the tone for the entire relationship that follows, and Max and Satan's first impressions of each other were nothing short of rough. Satan, or "Stan," pushing Natalie off of a roof does not settle well with Max at all. As a result, he is harsh and unwelcoming upon meeting him for the first time, and he continues to be throughout the rest of their interactions. However, Satan values Max's type of inhospitality and discourtesy in humans.

Trivia Edit

  • When Natalie was in middle school, she tried to jump out and scare Max as a prank. In his shock, he pushed her away before falling himself, breaking his ankle when he landed on it.[9]
  • Max has asthma.[10]
  • Max is bisexual.[10]

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