Veronique Laila Soullier, best known by her middle name Laila, is a fellow classmate of Natalie's. She encounters Felix at a store and soon finds out that he is a demon due to a slip of the tongue. The two form a contract to interfere with Natalie and Satan's for their own separate purposes, Laila's being to bring her brother Lyle back from the dead.

Appearance Edit

Laila has a slim body and she stands at 5'5". She also has pale skin and dark blue eyes. She has short, black hair with bangs reaching just above her eyebrows. Laila actually has ginger hair, a slightly darker orange than Natalie's color, but she dyes it monthly. As her story progresses, her hair grows considerably longer. Currently, her hair reaches her shoulders.

Laila wears black lipstick and nail polish to match her dark appearance. Despite wearing dark makeup and dying her hair black, she often wears colored clothing. She has a casual fashion of dress, frequently wearing sweatshirts and jeans. She plainly wears a stud in both of her ears.

On her right shoulder, Laila has a memorial tattoo of her brother Lyle's death date, July 14.

Personality Edit

Despite Laila's dark appearance, she's been stated to be a very sweet and kind person, and tries to be nice and help whenever she can. This is shown when she buys Felix a pack of cigarettes after overhearing him being denied by the cashier due to looking too young to buy them. This leads to their first meeting and ultimately their contract together.

She also apparently has low self worth, somewhat feeling as a "throwaway person" due to being a foster child. She's insecure about being left behind. However strong these feelings may be, she seems to cover them well.

History Edit

Laila and her brother Lyle were foster children together growing up. Lyle died some time ago on July 14 and she has lived alone ever since. After he died, she started going by "Laila", her middle name, to feel closer to him, since they sounded similar.

Plot Edit

Natalie considers changing her appearance based off of Laila's goth style in Changing Your Style.

Relationships Edit

  • Felix - Felix acts as though he doesn't particularly like her, but he doesn't outright hate her. He may like her more than he leads on however, since he opted to stay with her after Anthea's death. Laila gets along with him just fine, with the two even occasionally making jokes or teasing Kristi together.
  • Anthea - Anthea and Laila had a good relationship. Anthea watched out for her in a similar way that she watched out for Felix.
  • Kristi - She likes to tease Kristi a lot since she's so easily scared.
  • Natalie - Her and Natalie are on good terms. The two consider each other friends and occasionally do things together.

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