Veronique Laila Soullier, best known by her middle name Laila, is a fellow classmate of Natalie McAllister's and Kristi Lange's who eventually becomes their friend as the End of Days approaches.

After she meets Felix at a store and finds out that demons are real, Laila forms a contract with him in hopes of bringing her brother Lyle back from the dead.

Appearance Edit

Laila is of average weight and height, standing at 5'5". She has pale skin, calm, blue eyes, and very light brown hair that she dyes black. As the story progresses, her hair grows considerably longer, but her bangs and the back of her hair always stay short.

Nearly everything about Laila's appearance exudes the stereotypical "goth" style, and because of this, she is often compared to popular figures like Wednesday or Morticia Addams. She is seldom seen without black lipstick or black nail polish. Her outfits are usually casual, consisting of jeans, sweatshirts, and graphic T-shirts incorporating shades of black. However, unlike most goths, she is not opposed to wearing clothes of different colors and can actually be seen wearing them from time to time.

Laila has both of her earlobes pierced. On her right shoulder, the day of her brother's death "July 14" is tattoed in dark green ink.

Personality Edit

Laila's personality is a lot less aloof than the goth persona that she outwardly presents. She is rational, sometimes sarcastic, and level-headed. She rarely ever loses her composure and handles most situations with ease, a quality that comes in handy whenever she deals with the overly blunt Felix or the terribly anxious Kristi Lange.

Although Laila was once regarded as "that girl who rarely talks to anyone" by her peers,[1] she is not shy or timid. As a foster child with no close family left, she has grown accustomed to being alone, and it can be implied that she is reserved simply because it is what she is used to. While she does come out of her shell over the course of the comic, she always stays true to her independent and mature roots, living on her own and paying for most of her belongings at an age where most people would still be living with their parents.

When Natalie McAllister is first talking about Laila with Satan, she describes her as "broody" and "dark", implying that she might be an unpleasant person to be around. However, Laila is genuinely good-hearted, and her kindness is debatably one of her best qualities. After all, her first appearance is of her buying cigarettes for a complete stranger, despite her disapproving of smoking. Laila will go out of her way to help out her friends regardless of who they are rooting for during the End of Days: a rarity in Satan and Me.

History Edit

Information on Laila's past is somewhat limited, but it is known that she and her brother Lyle were foster children together growing up. Lyle died some time ago on July 14 and she has lived alone ever since. After he died, she started going by "Laila", her middle name, to feel closer to him, since they sounded similar.[2] It is also around this time that she dyed her hair and went goth.[3]

Plot Edit

Beginning Edit

After a local convenience store denies Felix cigarettes, Laila decides to buy him a pack. She gives the cigarettes to Felix, and the two are about to part ways when Laila suggests that he manages his "gross obsession" better next time. Her comment infuriates Felix to the point where he begins to shift into his demon form. Upon realizing that he is a demon, Laila frantically starts asking him questions, one of them being if he is contracted with Natalie McAllister. Felix confirming that the Devil is real only seems to distress Laila more, but she quickly becomes fascinated once she learns that she can "own" Satan. Realizing that she can bring her brother Lyle back from the dead with a contract, she suggests that she and Felix form one together to interfere with Natalie and Satan's contract, which Felix agrees to.[4]

Laila weekend at satan's

Laila after Satan asks for her number

During a game of Truth or Dare, Natalie dares Satan to get Laila's number. Satan confidently accepts the challenge, approaches Laila, and asks for her number. Not knowing that he is Satan, Laila ruthlessly turns down his advance.[1] Some time later, Laila encounters Natalie outside of school and says that she would like to apologize to Satan for dismissing him so rudely earlier. Satan arrives to pick Natalie up shortly after their conversation, but before Laila can apologize to him, Natalie falls down a set of slippery stairs and lands flat on her face. When Natalie's nose starts to bleed, Satan's nose bleeds as well due to their contract. Natalie makes an excuse and quickly shoos Laila away to avoid suspicion, which only serves to confuse her more. Laila's confusion is later cleared up when she talks to Anthea Rosenfeld about contracts over the phone.[5]

Run arc Edit

Still wishing to form her own contract with Satan, Laila wants to go to Oregon, but she does not have a car. She seeks out Kristi Lange about her dilemma, and after much debate, Kristi reluctantly agrees to drive her.[6] The two eventually arrive in Oregon and meet up with Satan and Natalie. Laila briefly catches up with Natalie, and soon, she begins to have a conversation with Satan. She gets straight to the point: She and Felix plan to break his contract with Natalie and she is interested in forming one with him in place of it. The idea that one of his followers would try to tamper with his plans for the End of Days infuriates Satan, and he ends up dismissing Felix and Anthea from Oregon.[7]

"i forgive you"

"Well? I tried to make you look as cool as you think you are."

It is not long until Felix and Anthea return to Oregon at Natalie's request. Felix is mad at Laila for "totally fucking [him] over," and Laila feels guilty for prompting Satan to yell at him, so she gives him a gift: a drawing of a hypermasculine Felix saying "I forgive you" to a grateful Laila. Felix is unimpressed by her drawing, but she proceeds to give him a brand new pack of cigarettes, which is enough to earn his forgiveness.[8]

Some time after Satan's outburst on the bridge, Natalie asks Laila if she can borrow some clothes. Laila gives her a dress, but before Natalie can try it on, Laila notices the cuts on her upper back, which remind her of a similar gash her deceased brother Lyle had on his back. After Laila cleans and properly dresses Natalie's wounds, she and Felix make a "joint apology" to Satan, saying that they never meant to undermine him going into their contract. However, Satan does not care for their apology, and crushes Laila when he says that he will never form a contract with her.[9]

Titus arc Edit

Felix leaning on laila

Felix showing up at Laila's door

After Anthea dies, Laila is the first person Felix goes to. He shows up at her door, walks into her apartment and lies on her couch without saying a word.[10] Laila does not bother asking questions or saying anything else to him, but after four days, she finally asks him what happened. Felix says nothing worthwhile, and Laila then asks him to at least wash the shirts he has been borrowing, which he agrees to do after remembering all the times Anthea told him to clean up after himself.[11] Later that day, Laila approaches Natalie at school and asks her to call Anthea. Natalie happily agrees to this, and Laila thanks her before the two part ways.[12]

Later on, Laila, Natalie, and Kristi decide to meet up to "get on the same page" in terms of the End of Days. Natalie greets the two and apologizes for being late, but before they can get into anything to do with the Apocalypse, Titus Alwright enters the scene and pierces her and Kristi with spikes from his hand.[13] Satan and Michael both feel the stabbing sensations from their contracts and arrive shortly after.[14] Natalie tells Laila that she needs a doctor, prompting Laila to get Michael's attention so that he can heal her.[15] However, because Michael is too busy with Titus and Satan, he redirects Natalie and Kristi to a real hospital instead.[16]

Memory arc Edit

Laila, Kristi, and Natalie meet in a local park a month or so after the incident that happened earlier. Natalie explains everything that happened with Titus, and tells them that they "don't have to worry about getting involved with him again". Natalie then asks how Kristi has been, but Laila answers for her, saying that Kristi will not leave her alone due to her fear of demons.[17]

Laila at the hospital

Laila at the hospital with Kristi

Several months after Laila and Felix have last spoken, Laila receives a call from him. Felix asks what she wants out of their contract, to which Laila replies that the only thing she wants is for him to ask her that question in person.[18] She ends the call, but a few minutes later, she starts bleeding from her crotch due to Felix being kicked by Zadkiel in that region.[19] She is later shown at the hospital with Kristi, bleeding from both of her wrists as angelic possession begins to take place.[20]

Relationships Edit

  • Felix - In the beginning, Laila only formed a contract with Felix to get closer to Satan, but over time, she has grown to enjoy Felix's company. The time the two spent together after Anthea's death has proven to be crucial to their friendship, as they have cared about each other ever since.
  • Kristi Lange - Laila and Kristi do not seem like their personalities would go along well together at first; Laila's contract with Felix and Kristi's aversion to anything demon-related makes it seem like they would clash. However, Laila frequently comforts Kristi when she is afraid, which leads to their friendship growing over time. The two have gotten to the point where they can look past each other's differences pertaining to the angel/demon world, and in fact, Kristi even forgets that Laila has a contract with Felix at one point.[19] Overall, the two are close friends, and Laila can be seen teasing Kristi from time to time.
  • Natalie McAllister - Although Laila once sought to break Natalie and Satan's contract, she has never harbored any ill will towards Natalie. The two start off as classmates, having nothing to do with each other, but their connections to Satan and Felix tie them together and lead to them becoming friends. Laila and Natalie have a good relationship and occasionally hang out together.
  • Anthea Rosenfeld - As two close friends of Felix, Laila and Anthea have mutual respect for each other. Anthea watches out for Laila in a similar way that she watches out for Felix, and can even be seen picking her up from school. However, unbeknownst to Laila, Anthea actually dislikes her because she feels Laila is interfering with her and Felix's friendship.

Quotes Edit

Felix: "Fuck! Do you even listen?! I want to break his contract and free him. You can't start it all over again!"
Laila Soullier: "You could be mine, then."
Felix: "Excuse me?"
Laila Soullier: "Well, it looks like we both want the same thing, though after he leaves McAllister I have a proposition for him. If I have you, then that's enough to placate me for the time being. What do you say, little guy? We can screw each other over together."
—Laila asking Felix to be in a contract with her[src]
Satan: "Excuse me? I'm sorry if this seems corny, but I couldn't help but notice how pretty you are. I don't usually do this, but I know I'd kick myself if I didn't come say hello and ask for your number. [Laila stares at him] Uh... did you hear me?"
Laila Soullier: "Yes. I'm sorry. I was just trying not to sneeze."
Satan: "Sneeze?"
Laila Soullier: "Yes, you see, I'm allergic to annoying guys who can't read the atmosphere. Best of luck for the next person you can nab with cheesy oneliners."
—Laila rejecting Satan[src]

Kristi Lange: "W-Why would you ask me that? I don't want to drive you anywhere! I don't even know you."
Laila Soullier: "My name Laila Soullier. I'm 19, a Capricorn. I'm allergic to―"
Kristi Lange: "I wasn't asking! Omigosh."
—Laila trying to convince Kristi to drive her to Oregon[src]

Trivia Edit

  • Laila's brother, Lyle, died on July 14th. The Bible verse 2 Chronicles 7:14 goes as follows: "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land."[21] This quote may be coming from Lyle's point of view; Laila calls herself "Laila" because it sounds like "Lyle", which relates to the "who are called by my name" part of the verse.
  • One of Laila's quirks is referring to people by their last names. She only calls people by their first names when the situation is serious.

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