Kristen Lange, known as Kristi is a schoolmate of Natalie McAllister's and Michael Panagakos's, originally when she is introduced she wasn't given a name. She's a gossiper and once she encounters Natalie and Satan, she spreads rumors about her being a druggie, leading to Satan dealing with her and knowing his true identity. Although it isn't confirmed till later that she was correct, she joins a religious group in the school and warns Natalie whenever she can. Later on she contracts with Archangel Michael the same way that Natalie contracts with Satan


Kristi happens to be a gossipy person, at the beginning of the comic she spreads rumors about Natalie which ultimately leads to her being confronted by Satan. However after that point in the comic, she's seen to be more anxious and easily scared due to whatever he did to scare her. She is very wary of being around him whenever the two are interacting and she's usually seen sweating profusely.



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