Ipos Kabakoff was a demon who ran an establishment called Thirsties. He is one of Satan's informants.

Personality Edit

Ipos seems to have a fairly laid back personality based on the way he addresses Lucifer and other characters. He also highly values loyalty, as can be gathered by the fact that he gave his life to give Lucifer the information he needed.

History Edit

Ipos first met Lucifer when he was just joining Jophiel's army. The two of them were investigating who had tampered with the Garden of Eden. When asked who it thought was the culprit, Ipos voiced his suspicions about Lucifer. He confirmed that Ipos was in fact right, but instead of thinking of him as a traitor Ipos was relieved because he too hated humans. Ipos then became a trusted friend of Lucifer's and was one of the angels helping direct the others during the Fall.

Plot Edit

Natalie encounters Ipos at his bar, Thirsties, when she is attempting to buy a drink. He then mocks her due the fact that she is obviously underage and doesn't belong. Natalie proceeds to down her drink and, because she can't hold her alcohol, almost immediately enters a drunken stupor. She tells Ipos she has some business at the back of the establishment.

He asks Sheila to show her the way, even though he knows she shouldn't be back there. Natalie then ends up getting herself into a fight with Pax. He makes his way to the back as well and engages in a brief conversation with Lucifer, in which he finds out just how long he and Natalie have been contracted. This makes Ipos immediately break off the fight.

Ipos then takes Lucifer and Natalie to a more private room to discuss what Lucifer came for. Ipos gives him information on the various horseman, particularly War, and they go on their way.

Later on, Uriel and the other angels find out about Ipos giving aid to Lucifer and completely destroy the bar. They also kill Ipos and Sheila in the process.

Relationships Edit

Sheila Edit

Ipos and Sheila are often seen together, and it can be gathered that Ipos cares for her but it is unknown if it is in a romantic way or a sibling way.

Pax Edit

He and Pax are on friendly terms, though at times Pax is more of a nuisance to him than anything.

Lucifer Edit

Ipos is extremely loyal to Lucifer and the two are very close. He was Lucifer's first ever supporter and was willing to risk everything to help him.

Trivia Edit

  • Ipos is a 'Prince of Hell', which really just means he's a general in Satan's army.
  • The last name Ipos used when he was among humans was Kabakoff.

Gallery Edit


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