Festus Totah, better known by his nickname Felix, is a demon that has a quick temper and a well-known infatuation with his leader Satan. He is usually accompanied by his best friend Anthea Rosenfeld or his contractee, Laila Soullier.

Personality Edit

Felix is extremely hot headed and gets aggravated by the most trivial things. He is rarely seen in a good mood. He can also be very sarcastic and insulting, and doesn't seem to care if he is.

History Edit

Felix met Anthea in Heaven while she was trying to decide whether of not to join the army. Felix had told her that she should throw her halo against the side of a nearby building, and if it bounced back she should join. Her throw was so pitiful her halo didn't even come close to hitting the structure. That's when Felix suggested perhaps fate was telling her to stick with him instead.

During the Fall Felix persuaded Anthea to fall with him.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Satan Edit

Felix is deeply loyal to Satan, so much so that Zadkiel goes as far as to call it an obsession. Felix gets visibly annoyed and disgusted when people don't treat him with respect, as could be seen when Natalie decided to get tattoos similar to Satan's seals.

Anthea Edit

Felix cares deeply for Anthea and she is like his caretaker. When she died Felix became emotionally distraught because of how close they were.

Laila Edit

Felix doesn't like Laila, mostly because of their contract.

Natalie Edit

Felix despises Natalie because she refuses to break her contract with Satan. He feels as though she's ruining his Master's dignity.

Trivia Edit

  • Felix is afraid of being ignored.
  • Felix's chosen last name, Totah, derives from the Arabic 'tuta', which means "mulberry tree". The symbolism behind the mulberry tree varies from mourning to the death of star-crossed lovers. .