Chamuel is the archangel of 'Peaceful Relationships'. She has a knack for calming people down, and is one of the first Archangels the others go to for advice or to vent. Although she detests violence, she will fight when needed, and her weapons are two short sickles.

Personality Edit

Chamuel loves to do stereotypical 'girly' things, which might explain why her robe is pink, and she speaks in shades of pink. Chamuel has one of the most easygoing personalities next to Raphael, and is shown to be kind and polite.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Chamuel is first seen accompanying Uriel at Thirsties. She reads out the punishment for Sheila and Ipos' contact with Satan. Sheila proceeds to slash open her throat, albeit unintentionally. Chamuel lost her arm during the fight that occurred afterwards, but has since gotten it back.

Most recently she has appeared talking to Raphael. She attempted to give him advice about his situation with Uriel. She later walked in on him crying over Uriel rejecting their friendship.

Relationships Edit

Chamuel is in a secret relationship with one of the fallen. She keeps it hidden because of her fear of how the others, and more specifically Michael, will react, but they were apparently open about it before the fall.

Trivia Edit

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