"I don't know. I just find myself thinking that if you didn't want a job that you worked so many hours, you wouldn't have been out that night. And I would've had a mom..."
Natalie to Carla[src]

Carla McAllister (née Everettes)[1] is the wife of Alex McAllister. Carla and Alex have a teenage daughter, Natalie McAllister, and a son in college, Maximilian McAllister. Unlike Natalie, Max was conceived in a previous marriage of hers before she married Alex.

Appearance Edit

Carla fittingly resembles an older Natalie; She has fair skin and dark colored eyes, though it is unknown whether she actually has green eyes like Natalie. She has short, red hair that curls inward at the ends. Carla also has freckles around her nose. She appears to be slightly taller than Natalie, putting her around 5'6".

As an angel, Carla wears a mid-thigh length white robe with a gold tie around her waist. She also wears a thick gold band with blue crosses on her upper right arm.

Personality Edit

Carla is a hard working woman. When she lived on Earth, she put her job first to support her family, spending most of her time at the hospital. She also values religion, having taught Natalie how to pray and talk to angels. She seemed very happy when she was with Alex.

History Edit

Carla was initially married to a young man with whom she had Max. However, the father abandoned the family when Max was a child.[2]

Young alex and carla

Carla meeting Alex

Carla met Alex McAllister after he got into a fight with Ray Lange, Kristi's father who grew up in the same town as him and frequently bullied him. Carla initially teased him, saying it was embarrassing that he did not win the fight, but later describes him as very sweet.[3] When the two eventually married, Carla had Max's last name legally changed to McAllister.[2]

Carla devoted most of her time to her job. She lived the typical life of a lower middle-class mom with her family before she died at the young age at 26.[4]

Carla passed away in an automobile accident on the way home from the hospital. She died on a rainy night, sparking Natalie's fear of thunderstorms.[5] As a result, Alex began to drink copiously and Max isolated himself, leaving Natalie all by herself. When Alex overhears Natalie praying one day and asks her who she is talking to, she says that she is talking to Michael and Raphael about Carla, who is supposedly living safely in Heaven.[6]

After Carla arrived at Heaven, Michael traced her back to Natalie and discovered that she was the prophecy child.[7]

Plot Edit

After Titus Alwright stabs Natalie McAllister, Archangel Michael visits her in the hospital with Raphael. Knowing that Natalie is the prophecy child and will play a prominent role during the End of Days, Michael uses Carla to persuade Natalie into breaking her contract with Lucifer and joining Heaven's side. Carla tells Natalie that she misses being a family and she wishes she could go back to being one. This is met with hostility on Natalie's part and she tells Carla that she barely has any memories of her because of how much she worked.[8] While Carla is talking to Natalie, Alex walks in and sees her for a brief moment, but she goes around a corner before he can say anything. Natalie denies that Carla was in the room, prompting Alex to question his sanity and spiral back into his alcoholism.[9] Later on, Natalie sees right through Michael's plan and refuses to break her contract and go to Heaven with her mother.[10]

Relationships Edit

  • Alex McAllister - Alex and Carla loved each other unconditionally throughout their relationship. Alex loved Carla so much, in fact, that he felt that "a hole had opened inside him" when he received news of her death.[6] She was the root of his alcoholism and she is a huge determinant of his mental health. This can be seen when Alex sees Carla at the hospital and relapses after being on a steady road to recovery from his alcoholism.[9]
  • Natalie McAllister - The two had an average mother-daughter relationship,[1] mainly because Carla died before she could see Natalie grow up and their relationship could develop. Part of Natalie feels like she barely knows her mother as a result of Carla spending too much time at her job and not enough time at home.[8] Natalie's image of Carla is the product of Alex's and Max's stories about her.[8] Despite this, Natalie still cares deeply for Carla and has even considered getting a tattoo dedicated to her.[11]

Trivia Edit

  • Carla owned a "sad blanket" soaked in jasmine and basil. According to Satan, the fabric of the blanket cannot be bought anywhere on earth.[12] Natalie and Alex claim that it rids the wearer of any sadness they previously had. They use the blanket on Satan after he shares a melancholy story about his family with them and in turn, he gets a mysterious rash. The blanket is currently in Satan's possession.[13]

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