Don't let it get you down too much, Miss Natalie. You should know some people have a harder time expressing themselves with the people they care about that they resort to lashing out. That doesn't mean they don't care at all.

—Anthea Rosenfeld about Felix, True Smile

Anthea Rosenfeld is a succubus who chose to fall to protect her best friend Felix. The two are almost always seen together, and Anthea often acts like a surrogate mother to Felix.

Appearance Edit

Anthea is slightly taller than the rest of the girls in the comic, standing in at 5'7". She has an hourglass figure and is fairly muscular, most likely due to her dancing profession. She has tawny skin and bob-length auburn hair that curls tightly in at the tips. Anthea used to have long, straight hair that curled in at the tips before a brief confrontation with Archangel Uriel. After he singes off a good chunk of her hair, she decides to cut it short. She has a round face, a petite nose, and thick brows, lashes, and lips. Her ears are plainly pierced on the lobes. She also has a stud below her belly button and lower back dermal piercings. As for makeup, Anthea wears black mascara and lipstick in different shades of pink to match her eyes.

Anthea's outfits are modern and stylish, almost designer-like and skillfully reflect her elegance. Anthea is seldom seen without her black headband on, and frequently wears form-fitting dresses and other attire she expertly color-codes.

Personality Edit

Anthea is very protective in nature and has a warm, maternal aura to her. She knows how to pick her battles and diffuse situations well. Her love for Felix knows no bounds, and she will do virtually anything to keep him out of harm's way, even if that means standing up to Michael's second in command ("Archangel Zadkiel") or even her own leader ("Fed Up with It All"). Her caring nature sometimes extends outside of Felix, as seen with Natalie McAllister in many instances.

While Anthea has thus far been depicted as gentle and docile, there is currently no say on the extent of her wrath if something were to happen to Felix.

History Edit

In Heaven, Anthea is a low-rank angel. She spends her days contemplating whether or not she should join God's army. Because she is an angel, she feels a strong sense of duty to serve her Father, though she constantly doubts her ability to serve Him well, which causes her indecisiveness.

She meets Felix by chance, as he overhears her muttering to herself on a bench and decides to approach her. She tells him about her dilemma, and he jokingly tells her to throw her halo against a nearby wall to solve the problem. He says that if her halo bounces back, she should join God's army, but if it does not, she should not. Anthea throws her halo but it does not even reach the wall. Anthea asks Felix what this means, Felix stifles a laugh and says it mean she should forget about the army and be his friend ("She Did It").

She later acquaints herself with Archangel Gabriel, who after time becomes her love interest, though they never officially dated.

During The Fall, Felix is the one who is hell-bent on following Lucifer out of Heaven, not Anthea. She tags along with Felix to keep him safe and out of trouble. After Anthea chooses Felix over Gabriel, the two have not spoken to each other since she said goodbye to him during the Fall.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Felix Totah: Felix and Anthea meet in Heaven by chance. Felix happened to overhear Anthea talking to herself about joining God's army. Felix tells her that instead of enlisting in the army, she should stick around and be his friend-- and they have remained inseparable ever since. She loves Felix unconditionally and will put her life in danger if that means keeping him out of harm's way. She is usually the one getting him out of trouble. Before dying, Felix was her final thought.
  • Archangel Gabriel: Gabriel and Anthea 'acknowledged their feelings for each other' before the fall. Not much is known of their relationship, but it is hinted that they still have feelings for each other, despite the fact that they do not seem to have spoken since she fell.

Trivia Edit

  • Anthea is younger than Felix.
  • Anthea is afraid of driving on the freeway.

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